Keshamrit Tailum Hair Oil


Weight / Unit : 100ml


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·         100 % Organic

·         Relives hair loss, Promotes hair growth

·         Prevents dandruff & scalp infection

·         Natural conditioner

·         Nourishing & cooling

Each 100 ml Keshamrit Tailum contains Coconut oil, Sesame Oil processed in chandan,bhrungraj,kapur kachali, gomutra,milk,trifala,lemon

The  organic  formulation strengthens roots, revitalizes lifeless hair and prevents hair fall, greying and split ends. Massage with Keshamrit oil cools & relaxes the mind.

Sesame oil & coconut oil  is one of the best hair vitalizer, Bhrungraj is a natural conditioner and promotes natural hair colour,Chandan oil uses to get natural fragrances & stimulates hair growth

Apply sufficient quantity of oil on the scalp (Hair Root) with finger tips. Leave it overnight. Wash with a natural shampoo in the morning. Keshamrit oils can be kept on for the whole day as well. Recommended to be applied at least 3 to 4 times in a week

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