Jivan Amrut Dhoop Agarbatti


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·       100% Organic

·       Creates positive waves, Perfect  Air Purifier

·       Spread the Aura of purity surrounding

·       Encourage Emotional Release

·       To get Piece of mind & Meditate

·         To get inspired & Revamp your routine


The Oldest source on Incense is the Vedas Specifically the Atharva Veda & Rig Veda. Jivan Amrut dhoop made from Panchgavya & kapoora based with selected indian herbs.

This incense burning is used both to create pleasing Aromas & Medicinal benefits.


Incense use in medicine is considered the first phase of ayurveda, which uses incense as an approach to healing. It is believed that consumption of panchgavya result in removal of physicals well as mental disorders & is an enhancer of life force energy &life span.  Kapur Kachri using only the best natural essential oils, Cooling, floral scented and herbal. It’s imparts an atmosphere of calm harmony and introspection.

 Frequent use of dhoop is recommended for spiritual development.

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