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• Non Toxic & Biodegradable

• Safe For Kids & Skin Cause Zero Side Effects
• Natural Fragrance & No Chemicals Added
• Best  for  Worshiping room & Meditation room.

Feeling connected to nature at a state level has many benefits as well such as more positive moods and less negative moods.  This natural floor cleaner made by pure mother nature products, which helps to live safe and healthy life.  Here is a list of the core ingredients special to the truly organic formula.

Sattva Floor Cleaner made from traditional ingredient  like palm oil,neem ark, gomutra kawath ,water.
Palm oil is good moisturizer and promotes smoother skin, neem leaves known as antibacterial ingredients. Gomutra help us “natural Disinfectant” from ancient time.

Our  chemical free product totally safe for your child and skin. Its best for worshiping room and meditation room by its purity. Being  100% natural and it doesn’t  have any allergic effect on your skin. With the help of this product you  prevents yourself from harmful chemicals. 
A natural floor-cleaner that really  works. Made with all natural and traditional ingredients like palm oil, Neem Ark, Gomutra Kawath and purified water. This “Natural Disinfectant” floor cleaner cuts through the toughest oil and grime without leaving residue. 
The sattva floor cleaner range has been specifically formulated from the ground up to ensure their organic and natural cleaning product is completely devoid of nasty chemicals typically found in many popular cleaning products.

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