Natural Skin Care Soap


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·         Dry base with natural contents

·         Blemishes skin

·         Natural cooling for Itchy Skin

·         Anti Bacterial & Antifungal

·         Decrease Skin related problems

·         Blemishes skin

 Sattva Natural  Skin Care is an Anti bacterial & Antifungal soap made from traditional ingredients                  like panchgavya, neem, chandan & Tulsi. It’s free from chemicals and sodium sulphate which is used for making foam.

This soap can be used for curing scabies and related skin problems like itching skin irritation,inflammation,rashes and redness on skin. it is also helpful  in protecting us from radiation,pollution and radiation.

The different constituents of Panchgavya have specific & unique healing properties and hence each of it can be used individually too for treatments of disease and their prevention, the holy Tulsi , known as the “Queen of herbs”, its works great on the skin, Neem is one of the miracle herbs which help for heals scars, fight acne, treats pigmentation, oil- control, clear & glowing skin.

Being  100% natural and it doesn’t  have any allergic effect on your skin. With the help of this soap you prevents  yourself from harmful chemicals.

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