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Let’s Go with natural and organic at sattva-natural.

We N.B.Creators based in Kutch-Gujarat introduce organic product with the brand name Sattva. We are associate with Suparshwa charitable trust and who is in mission of Natures Development and Protection as well as cow care protection. As we very well understand the value of Natural Things which have its own main parameters and quality to serve in our Routine Life, we are interested to provide the Real Natural Product in the society without Aid of Doctors and Dispensaries. We are here to promote SWADESHI PRODUCTS Which here can be elaborated as OURS OWN PRODUCTS Without Depending on IMPORTED Materials and ultimately the use of Ours own Natural Resources which is suitable for us and also give strength to our Countries' Economy since we are using our Products only by which Not A Single Rupee Go Outside (ie. Out of Country) so that Foreigner can Earn and ultimately our Earning Go Outside. That's why with the strong belief of that Cottage and small scale industries will survive to our Small Players rather than MNC (Multi National Company) who gives us Only Chemical Based Products only and also take ours' money out of the Country. With the strong Belief of Self Development, we come to the conclusion that Why Small Routine Products Not Developed and why Rely and Dependent on such kind of MNCs which provide us only Chemical Based Products in our Routine Life. With such thought, we develop the Natural Things like Multani Mitti Soap, Cow Dung Dhoop (Gobar Dhoop with Campher) . The essential of Dhoop is not only Pooja Dhoop but it provides Oxygen Through Kapoor (Campher) and Clear the Insects from our Surroundings. This Procedure Generates the Energy and Open our Blocked Veins. Only the thing we have to sit in a Meditation Style for 3-4 minutes to realize this. In such a way, We driven you healthy, serene and elevated life through sattva natural. Sattva natural to give the message of authentic ayurved. Since then creating pure organic and natural products according to ancient scriptures has been the unique purpose of the product. The result of authentic Ayurvedic wisdom and our philosophy of offering you nothing less than the finest. The bright side has collected a few facts from the past that will definitely make you happy that you live. These products are produce to help educate the general public about the virtues of natural medicine and encourage the next generation of natural herbs. We want to take this healthy living to your door step. With our products we ensure that we’re putting out the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

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